Homoeopathy & Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis and Homoeopathy?

Even I would raise my eyebrows and think twice before handling a case of anaphylaxis with Homoeopathic medicines.

I am a Homoeopathic physician with no bias, and fanatic adherence to the system of medicine I practice for the last 28 years. In each and every case, I have been trained by my mentor Dr. Ajay Kumar Babu to act in the best interest of the patient and never succumb to narrow ego games. Every system of medicine has its own advantages and limitations and as a physician it is your inescapable duty to advise the patient for the best outcome of his disease. You don’t play with lives. So anaphylactic shock is one case we never try to play with and immediately refer the patient to an allopathic care (Well, anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction to any substance which needs immediate care which will otherwise lead to unconsciousness and death). The patient has to be put in emergency vasoconstricting drugs, antihistamines or steroids to prevent shock and immediate death. Infact I had one attack ten years back and My Sir and brother Dr. Hafiz had rushed me to an emergency ward in the nearby Allopathic hospital where I collapsed in front of the examining physician, but timely intervention had saved me to see this day.

But last night (18/05/2021), was one of the worst nightmares of my life as well as the most beautiful epiphany I have come across till date. The healing profession I have been initiated into by the Universe and my great father has been a learning school which never ever ends and intrigues me beyond all comprehension.

Last night, I tucked into a sumptuous dinner of beef roast and ghee rice, one of my favorites, and actually devoured more than I normally would. Post Covid lock down, such luxuries have been a rarity and the beef was sent by a dear neighbor friend.

Immediately after finishing the meal, I got a discomfort in the abdomen, slight pain and nausea. The discomfort gradually increased, and I wished if only my stomach would empty, either through vomiting or stool. But neither happened. I bid goodnight to my son by 11.30 pm trying to catch some sleep so that the feeling goes away by morning.

But that was not to be…My hand started itching in one place and gradually radiating to the whole limb. I cursed the mosquitoes which chose to bite me in this weak state. But in a few moments, I took back my curse on the poor mosquitoes. The itching started spreading to my whole body and in an hour, I swelled up like a balloon. With fiery looking rashes and oedema in various parts of the body. I didn’t want to disturb the sleep of my work-at-home son and waited in the hope that this will pass. I ran through my bedroom and the living room adjacent to it and looking back, I would liken my frantic running to a Charlie Chaplin movie in fast forward mode. My hands had to travel at that speed to all the different parts of my body at the same time.

By 3 am, I could no longer contain it and knocked his bedroom door. Seeing my condition, he got really worried and suggested that we immediately go to a hospital.

But once a mother, always a mother. I didn’t want him to get exposed to a hospital, all the city hospitals are overflowing with Covid patients. Infact we could still hear the ambulance sirens every few minutes. So it was out of question, that I get admitted to a casualty at this time of the night. He suggested “Shall I call Ajay Uncle”? (That’s my Sir).

But again, I knew he would be asleep and there was nothing he could do from afar except ask me to rush to an emergency.

The ball was totally in my court.

By the time, my head was reeling, and I could not stand up steadily. But sanity was still there. I asked my son to run to my clinic which is next door and bring a medicine which corresponded to my immediate symptoms… ”if only I could vomit, I would be okay”. He rushed in and I took the medicine. Half an hour passed, and by the time, I was gasping for breath. The itching extended to my throat and face, and I knew I was going in for an anaphylactic shock. There was not even time to get to the hospital. My vision started blurring and no more air would enter my lungs.

I was preparing to exit from here. I frantically chanted the Shahaadath Kalima and as usual was not at all afraid of death. But I didn’t want to die with so much suffocation and distress.

Suddenly a gasp of eructation with the taste of the beef escaped my mouth, followed by another, and I got a faint clue of the drug to be taken next. It was the drug for preventing the death rattle and also for symptoms after consuming bad meat.

At that moment, my only intention was to get a gasp of breath and to transit calmly. I asked my son to run once again and bring the drug from the clinic. Poor child, he looked much panicked but as is his nature, never creates scenes. He sat there in the next room after giving me the medicine and asked me to call if needed.

My head was reeling, and I just nodded and lied down on the bed, looking at him with ardent eyes as if to say Goodbye, all the while thanking the Universe for blessing me with this wonderful gift of a son. What if I did not have a partner? What if I don’t have parents and relatives near me? I had this part of my own flesh and blood at this crucial point.

I told him to go and get some sleep and said will call if I needed anything else.

The practical physician and mother started acting in spite of all the chaos.

I took a photograph of the lesions on my body, took out the bag with all important documents from the cupboard locker and kept it on the table for anybody to see easily.

I lie on the bed with the chant of  Shahaadath Kalima on my lips, and a meditation audio of self-healing, affirming that all toxins are released from my body, and I am healing.

Within minutes, I could feel air flowing freely into my lungs, the itching started subsiding little by little… Wowww! That was great! I repeated the medicine every ten minutes…I could now lie still for one or two minutes without my hand scratching all over…I was burning all over the body with blood oozing out of the pores due to scratching, yet I could now rest my palms for a little. Slowly I became calm and by 7.30 am, I could stagger to the kitchen to brew a glass of hot jeera water.

By 9.30 am, I am completely free of the itch. Yes, totally exhausted and weak but out of danger.

By 9.45 I am ready with the customary cup of tea for my son who would be coming to the kitchen before logging into his work from home meeting online at his office.

Here was another lease to life. The third tryst with death in a single lifetime.

Here I am still tired and weak but eternally grateful to the Universe for once more substantiating the effectiveness of Homoeopathy even in such an emergency as anaphylaxis.

There is no end to the lessons life wants to teach me. Each epiphany, a calling to something else! What is it this time? Waiting for the answer…

All my Covid patients are recovering wonderfully with Homoeopathic medicines. Maybe I need to reach out to them more, offer more of myself to the greatest catastrophe of this millennium.

Yes…I am here Universe…Do use me as you will.

But give me a few more days…I need to revive from this weakness.

Thank you once again for this extension of life. Do guide me as you always have.

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