A Homoeopath’s tryst with Covid 19

This post is simply to substantiate the undeniable truth and workings of the Universe, of which we healers have many encounters but this last one, I thought I need to share before it loses its freshness. This is to inspire each and every worker in the healing business to continue doing what they do, even if it feels thankless and fruitless at times.

Treatment of Covid Cases with Homoeopathic drugs was prohibited by the State Government but our relentless fight with the state and Central Governments and the case we gave at the Supreme Court on behalf of my institution had finally come to fruition. Homoeopaths got the right to treat Covid cases as per the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

We have been fortunate to distribute preventive medicines to a large number of people.

We have also been treating positive cases with remarkable speed in recovery. But till date, I didn’t feel it necessary to publish our work or rant about the success stories we have. Twenty-eight years into the field of Homoeopathy has shown how undervalued it is in the Global medical scenario.

But this particular case of Covid, I felt I need to share with the world.

So here is my beautiful little tryst with destiny once again.

I had met this beautiful soul Sathyavathy (Name changed for confidentiality) way back in 2015 at a railway station booking counter. I was doing my MSc at the time and was in the long queue to book my ticket to my Heal your life workshop in another state. But time was running out and I would be late for my MSc lecture for which 80 percent attendance was mandatory.

I noticed this serene looking respectable lady standing in front of me, reluctantly approached her and explained my predicament. Would she be kind enough to book my ticket as well so that I can rush to my class and later on collect it from her?

There was not even a moment of hesitation. Sathyavathy readily accepted my booking details; id card and money and I left after exchanging phone numbers. Evening I was so warmly welcomed to her cozy little apartment, offered the best cardamom tea ever and homemade snacks. The next one hour set the foundation for an invisible soul connection which touched both of us.

Occasional updates on each other’s lives were all that we exchanged in the coming years. And as human nature would have it, those little updates also faded away, the memory stored in some remote place in the hard disc of our consciousness.

But on March 13th, 2021, I suddenly remembered her face and got an urge to contact her. To my utter dismay, I had even forgotten her name. Was it Sathyavathy, was it SathyaSai? Was it something else? I frantically search my contact lists but no name which matches the names in my memory. Finally, I concluded that the name started with S searched my whole contact list starting with S. It took me one hour but finally I found it. It was saved Sthybathy. Wrong spelling but my memory was not wrong.

I tried contacting through WhatsApp, searched Facebook, she was nowhere. So, I resorted to our old-fashioned reliable phone messaging (SMS).

‘Hi Ma’am. Do you remember me, Haseena from the Railway ticket counter? Just felt like telling you that I completed the MSc and the Heal your life courses with flying colors. You seemed to be a part of my victories. Hence this message.”

The reply was instantaneous. “How can I forget you, Haseena? Of course, I remember you”.

She was so happy for me and congratulated me on my wins. Later she contacted me on WhatsApp and sent this message which I have copy pasted here.

“Your messages streamed in during a period…when I am a feeling a bit low…

I had tested Covid positive on 2nd of March and is still under isolation at home in Thrissur. 

Yesterday I was subjected to the routine RT-PCR test, after 10 days into isolation..

I have tested positive again…so was feeling a bit low..

As for symptoms, I am still experiencing sore throat, weakness and intermittent muscle pains ..

Otherwise no fever or other serious discomforts…

The doctors, I know of have advised antigen test instead of RT- PCR , after a week…

Trying my best to keep myself calm through reading, meditation, Reiki .etc…but yes…I admit…it is surely not a good position, to be in.”

I now knew why I got the urge to contact her. This had happened earlier with many of my clients and acquaintances, this telepathic intuitive contact, but Sathyavathy was neither my client nor a friend I keep contact on a regular basis. But the workings of the Universe are unexplainable.

I replied, “Maam, do you have a Homoeopathic shop in your town? I have been treating Covid cases and by the grace of God, all of them tested negative within three to four days.

If you believe and if you can procure the medicine, please collect it and let me know.

By evening, she procured it through her brother-in-law, we talked over phone, I gave her the instructions. To take the medicine thrice daily for three days and do the test on the fourth day.

She religiously followed it and on the fourth day morning sent me the message that the sample has been given to the lab and she is eagerly waiting to read the test result NEGATIVE.

I replied, “I am not adamant or conditional ma’am. We do what we are to do. The rest leave it to the hands of Almighty. Let us wait and see.

By evening she sent me the negative test report, overjoyed and thanking me for everything.

Again, I said, “I am just a channel ma’am. It is your quest for healing, your ardent cry to the Universe which made this happen. It is just another proclamation from the Universe to me…

“You cannot escape when I decide that I am going to use you as a channel to reach out to my dearest disciple Sathyavathy.”

What else could I say? How else can I explain all these miracles happening in and around me day in and day out?

I once again pronate and thank the greatest of Healers for considering me as a channel.

Thank you, thank you and thank you are all the words that come to my mind.

Posting both the before and after reports of Sathyavathy here, which she so willingly sent to me.

I know many of my fellow healers have innumerable such encounters with the unknown. Please do post your wonderful experiences here for many in need to get inspired and reach out.

Thank you each and every one who have come this far and read this long, long post. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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